Shower Cubicle

Apart from the fun and pleasing looks, our shower cubicles are tough, leakproof and scratch-resistant. They are exclusively designed and manufactured according to each customer’s needs and budget.

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Al-Thiabi Glass Shower Cubicle :

A shower cubical in your bathroom is a symbol of luxury and comfort along with its royal gesture. It gives your bathroom a new kind of elegance, having timeless benefits and easy functionality.

Our shower cubicles are leakproof and sturdy so that you can indulge in your peace and thoughts while having a nice steamy shower. Apart from its aesthetic beauty, the frameless shower enclosures are very easy to clean.

Why Al-Thiabi Glass :

At Al-Thiabi Glass, we pledge of providing our customers with the finest quality and uniquely designed shower enclosures. We use high-quality tempered glass to make the enclosure more robust and sturdy. Also, it is a win-win situation for you If you are a regular bathroom singer as the laminated glass provides a nice acoustic feature.

So give us a call and get yourself a royal at the same time fun shower experience.