Securit Glass

We provide the industry’s most exclusive range of security glasses leaving the variety and depth of security up to choose for your own safety.



Fire Safety And Security

Every human being wants a safe, beautiful place to live so that when he is at home he can live to be peaceful and in harmony. It is important to make that home secure from all the outer forces and we are here to help you achieve that sense of security that you want for your loved ones. The Al-thiabi Glass is highly popular in keeping your home secured from fire incidents, burglary, or tress passing.

Here are some extensive products used across the nation;

Bandit Resistant Glass: Secure your home, building, and other private places from intruders and the dangerous mobs with our Bandit Resistant Glass laminated to resist outer forced attacks for a particularly sufficient time for other remedial action.

Bullet Resistant Glass: Highly robust bullet-resistant glass with multi-layers of various films and glass panes to resist your vehicle from handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc. Designed for overall safety against bullet attacks and can be customized for a specific level of safety.

Blast Resistant Glass: Reduce the highly fatal injuries from glass shattering during a blast with laminated glass products. Specifically made to firmly hold the framing system during a blast or similar event withstanding grenade and bomb attacks.

Fire Resistant Glass: Highly uncertain climate nowadays brings dangerous calamities. Let us help you to keep your home and loved ones safe during those calamities. Al-thiabi Glass provides you with highly robust and secured glasses to endure a higher degree of temperature during a fire hazard and reduce its spread.

our working processin 3 steps

Al-Thiabi Glass operates with the mission of improving quality of life, establishing safety in commercial and residential places, and satisfying customers’ demand for luxurious products.

planning & strategy

Paying Attention to Clients’ Requirement

The first and foremost priority is to listen carefully to the client’s needs and make their wishes come true.

design & develop

Manufacturing Quality Glass Solution

After processing the glass to make it tough and insulated, we assemble the solution with a beautiful finish.

test & deliver

Installing Solutions at the Work Site

Installation of the solution at the project site with extreme care. Ensuring perfect fitting of the system.